As the well-known saying goes, “to be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.” Well, the ‘young and stupid’ – Me has come a long way in life; weaving her way through good and not-so-good times. Faced and fought many demons in life….and here I stand before my Readers to share my ‘Learnings of Life’ with you.

Life is the greatest Teacher! And Oh! What a Teacher! It has a heart of stone! Merciless, cruel, tough, intolerant…do not expect a second chance, with Life! And when you are least expecting…this same Teacher has a ‘Mother’s heart’….it will heal you with the softest touch…it will tickle your funny bones and make you laugh, it will indulge you like no one else….the only condition is, TRUST LIFE!

I grew up in one of the best cities of India (at least that is what I feel), called Mumbai; earlier it was called Bombay. Currently I live in another beautiful city, in India; the city where I was born – Kolkata, (Calcutta). The two cities, Mumbai and Kolkata has a distinct culture of its own; Kolkata is the place of Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and many more world famous personalities. Mumbai – the city of dreams and magic with its largest Film making industry, Bollywood. It is said to be the ‘Finance’ capital of India. It is the city of our most popular Sports hero, Sachin Tendulkar. It is the home for the Business Tycoons, Ambani’s. But for me – I have always identified Maharashtra and its capital, Mumbai, with the warrior king of Maharashtra, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj; also known for his famous Guerilla Warfare Techniques.

Yes, Readers. Mumbai inculcated the spirit of a fighter, in me; a go-getter; a person who does not give up on any situation very easily. And my birth place, Kolkata helped me blossom the creative side of me. It was a happy combination of cultures, within me.

Always a voracious reader of a variety of books; don’t remember, restricting myself to any particular genre. Writing essays, short stories…..(even poetry, at a point of time) was an outlet, I enjoyed the most. To develop the skills in writing…one has to become more ‘aware’ of one’s surrounding. But being a perennial dreamer, it was not a very easy task for me….yet, along the line…I grew to fall in love with Nature, animals and developed a strong sense of empathy towards, people.

Ah. I had some wonderful people in my life…from all walks of life…knowingly or unknowingly, they have all taught me immensely. Till the last breath of my life, I shall remain grateful to them and their contributions in my life. But…the biggest contributors were…the not-so-nice-people…once again, in all their bitterness and ignorance, they taught me TWO most important lessons of life.

  1. Believe yourself and no one else. It is your life, not theirs!
  2. BALANCE is the key word….if it is lost; you are bound to Fall. Balance in the body – Health. Balance in the Mind- logical thinking. Balance in the soul/spirit – happiness.

Nah! the process of learning was never easy…but it had its rewards….slowly and gradually I began to build my Self-Esteem, brick by brick. I began to learn the tricks of survival – which I call the ‘Mantras of Life’.

At this juncture, my beautiful life gave me the opportunity to test the Mantras of Life…these are very simple tricks…which perhaps you already know, but forgotten it. My students….were happy…the Mantras worked.

I am feeling extremely happy, that here, I have finally found a platform from where I can share these Mantras of Life with a larger audience.

Readers, your feedback is extremely important, so please, please keep in touch and write to me….my contact details are in the next page…

Stay happy, healthy and keep smiling! 🙂