Effort – something you try very hard to do. Almost everything needs an effort in life; waking up in the morning; leaving the comfort of the bed; brushing teeth….and so it goes on till the end of the day. The strength of the effort used at different times for different actions may vary vastly, depending on the circumstances, situations and personal dispositions. While going for a jog in the park may have hardly needed an effort; going to work seemed like a punishment.

Sometime we need to exercise our Mental Efforts; sometime Physical and most of the time both, physical and mental muscles, need to be flexed and aligned correctly for the results to occur. If I have to pick up a 50 kg iron slab with my hands, I will have to be mentally and physically prepared to do so, otherwise the action will be a complete failure. Thus, Effort is directly proportional to the results or outcome of an action, most of the time…not always though.

To come to the Directions, now….of course efforts are almost always directed towards a desired results/ achievements/goals and more. But, how often do we really pay attention to the ‘Direction’ of an effort? If we did and took out the time to give it a serious thought, the entire perspective of life may just change for the best.

For example – Revenge! All the planning, that it takes, is no small amount of an effort. The fire burning inside to humiliate and hurt the opponent, urges one to invest a ridiculous amount of effort; sometime it consumes the person entirely. Alcoholics use a tremendous amount of effort to acquire the bottles….sometime they have to lie, beat or cheat to get what they want. These efforts have a direction for sure; but the mind is blinded by the desire to get the end results; the need/urge to get drunk or get even with the enemy is so strong that it is difficult for the mind to see any reasoning beyond getting immediate gratifications.

If the above examples were a little in the extreme…let us look at the milder ones. The folly of pretensions! The dream to fit in…at any cost. Seemingly harmless but the damages are just as bad as any. There are people who, borrow a large sum of money for a holiday abroad, when they can do without it or ill-afford it. But their inability to be at par with friends/relatives/neighbors who regularly go abroad, is just not acceptable to them! Then there are many who refuse to accept the fine lines on their face, and use enormous efforts in erasing them. When simple methods fail to produce the desired results they even try extreme methods to defy age. The joy of false vanity is very short-lived.

There are efforts which give a long-lasting, happy results; the feel-good factor remains for years. Efforts put in academics. Efforts directed towards achieving the best results in a job. Efforts used towards helping people. Efforts applied to keep fit and healthy.

Suppose, long ago, you had successfully got even with an adversary by insulting him in a way you felt (at that point of time) he deserved; and suddenly after a long time the memory comes to your mind, you are likely to dismiss the thought as ‘childish’ or simply switch over to some other thought because you probably will feel – it is not worth thinking about. Yet you will notice whenever you happen to see your Academic Certificates or any other such documents which establish your achievements in printed words…perhaps after many years since you completed your graduation/ achievement…it will make you feel good about it….you will observe, you handle certain papers with a lot of reverence and personal Certificates are one of them. It fills you with a sense of worth and fulfillment, like nothing else.

Readers, be conscious of the Direction of your Efforts. If you ask me, how do you ascertain that your efforts are going towards the right direction? The answer is very simple. If your efforts are directed towards your GROWTH, Happiness, builds a sense of being Worthy, makes you feel proud of yourself, makes you feel fulfilled and content, you can be sure, you are putting your efforts in the right direction. 

Before, you invest your efforts and energy towards anything….just pause for a while and think about it! Is it worth it?- ask yourself, this simple question and wait for your heart to give you the reply.  Just a few days ago, an youngster was wrongly accused by an adult about something. At first she did try to explain herself and her innocence to the adult but when the adult refused to pay heed to her words, she simply left. I was a witness to the entire episode and felt bad for the youngster. I went up to her and quietly placed my hand on her shoulder and said, “don’t feel bad about it…”. She looked up at me with a brilliant smile and said, “feel bad about what? I shall not waste my energy and effort in thinking about it….I have far better things to do.” And she winked at me.

I whole-heartedly agree with her. Only one life! And if you look for it; there are too much to learn and experience. A simple song can cheer you up! – because you made an effort to listen to it. A simple thought can fill you with bitterness and anger, because you put  your effort in working upon the thought and building the negative emotions within.





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