Worldwide people welcome you with immense hope and faith…. We believe you will surely fulfill all our dreams….this time! …2016…was not really what we had hoped for…it was more disappointing than anything else….some may say something like….2017, you have to do better than 2016….some simply fold their hands and pray for your kindness, benevolence, generosity….

You just change by a single numeric…2016….2017…the rest remain the same…we do not formulate a new dream for the new year…we do not change our spouses or our parents…we don’t start living in a new house! Even as a person we almost remain the same…very rarely does attitudes and behavior change abruptly…perhaps physical changes are easily acquired…hairstyle…a few pounds more or a few pounds less and more in similar lines. Then what are we actually asking you for? What are we fervently praying for? What are we hoping for? What is it that we want to believe in, so single-mindedly?

Dear 2017, we are ALL walking on a certain path…Each one to our very OWN DESTINATION…for years we are walking on it…we are slowly…gradually…making progress on the road which will take us to our Destination…our Dreams….. our Goal ….we must reach it, you know…it holds our life-purpose! Some time the going is smooth…as smooth as can be…but sometime, almost without any warning…the time turns against me….a dark cloud begins to form…the wind picks up speed… and the storm lifts me high above and throws me backward or forward…not too sure. The storms, the roughness of the roads, the jolts and jerks…everything is so disorienting….so confusing…so frustrating….so disappointing and distressing!

It takes a lot of time to get the orientation back…to find myself again…I need to use all the possible strength that I have within…mental, emotional, physical…all put together. Yet, I observe – people fail, so horribly…they fail to summon enough strength, in themselves….they fail to reconnect with themselves…they fail to find their balance and sometime they perish….they dissolve into the unknown.

Dear 2017, do you know now, what do we pray for? We all pray that – what ever our destination is….education, career, building relationships, creative, administrative….it can be anything…just keep us safe…keep us strong to fight the storms, big or small…keep our Balance – balance of mind, balance in the body(Health), balance in Emotions…balance in thoughts…balance in attitude and behavior.

Most importantly…keep me firmly on my own path! I have witnessed the misery and the downfall of the people who in all their mental turmoil(while braving a stormy time); have lost their path so horribly….and worse still they have begun to think the wrong path as their very own…little realizing that it is not the path to their destination….it is a path to their destruction! For instance, when Rohan failed to get the desired results in his academics…he found himself among the alcoholics. When Sabina’s marriage just would not work…she became depressed and wanted to take her own life…these are such dark paths with unknown Demons lurking in some corner. Oh 2017, we all Pray…keep us on our own path…which has our guides and teachers, our parents and family…our friends and well wishers…who will hold our hands, when we are swaying under the harshness of the hard-times.

Dear 2017, we all have our own distinct Destination…it may be similar to someone else’s destination, but not the same…. We have our own way of approaching it…our distinct way of walking on the path of life…some are walking extremely cautiously; some are humming a tune along the path; some hopping and skipping; yet some are always complaining; the young are sashaying along or whistling away; some are hurrying along…. Just because I am not following someone else’s way of living my dream/life and destination…doesn’t mean I am WRONG and the other person is Right! Please let people not be so Judgmental all the time. In their frenzy to judge me or brand me with the Good/ Bad or Right/Wrong or Just/Unjust blah blah labels…they hurt me! A sincere advice or a suggestion is always welcome…but not an unwanted label…Oh! she is such an attention seeker….He is basically a dumb person….please!!!  No matter how hard I try to ignore these baseless words of some insecure people… they do distract me….for a while I lose focus…I need to stop and catch hold of my breath.

Be gracious enough to help us along our  path with Focus, Determination, confidence and Belief….Allow me to only believe in Myself…because No one else knows me more than I do. I know my own strength…also my own weaknesses. Just help me to have the courage to change my weaknesses into my strength!

One can never be sure of the conditions and situations when the journey is long…the roads can be good and the roads can be pretty bad…the weather may be perfect or the weather may be in its harshest form….just help me walk along my path with my Head held high…with a belief in myself…with a faith in Time…with a trust in all my near and dear one’s…and the rest in the Divine!

Be kind, 2017.

Yours always – in happiness or distress…

Ms Candid.




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